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Our philosophy is to listen and hear each business owner’s unique needs and desires, then we will formulate a business strategy to encompass the issues.


In January 2004 we began our pursuit of becoming business owners. We were enthusiastic and full of vigor. Our mission was simple, we wanted to supply the government and universities with office supplies. The venture we expected was not the reality we learned over the next five years. We were constantly being bombarded with companies calling and pitching us on their ability to transform our organization’s contractability. We invested in excess of $100,000 to gain an advantage in the marketplace. Only to realize no actual growth or most importantly sales (money in the door). Our bills and expenses were mounting and still no major change took place from the money invested. That was when we decided to take our fate out of the hands of strangers and work our business like two maniacs. We began to see an immediate result. The dollars were flowing in and we then started to memorialize our efforts and events. It was from these efforts that we took notice of patterns and trends that many small to midsize businesses most likely ignore.

It was a rainy spring day in May 2009 when a friend asked for some Business Consulting, we pondered and talked about how we could add value to our friend’s business. We accepted the challenge and formulated a plan that took our friend’s business to a modest increase of 25% that year. Our efforts continued to grow our business and our friend’s business.

Through word-of-mouth, our Consulting Business began to receive a ton of request from all over. Businesses were referring our Consulting Business to other business owners that needed help. Since that fateful spring day, we have helped numerous companies gain an advantage in their perspective markets. This is why we say, “We Can Help You”!


Our organization is lead by individuals that believe in customer satisfaction.
Our leadership team is anchored by over 62 years of combined military and leadership experience.

Our CEO is a retired enlisted military veteran with 22 years of honorable service. He is a graduate with a degree in Business Administration. He also has numerous certifications in the field of Business, Coaching, and Consulting.


Founder & CEO

Our Executive Vice President is a retired Field-Grade Military Officer of 20 years. She has multiple degrees in the field of Business at the graduate level.


Executive Vice President


If you want to get your business moving in the right direction, give us a call and we will help you.

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